Watusi’s Doghouse Funhouse #2

The panel above is from a two page comic I have in Dale Martin’s latest anthology book: Watusi’s Doghouse Funhouse #2. It’s a 48-page black & white digest with full-color covers and is available by mail for $7.00 postpaid from Dale Martin himself. My comic for the anthology is a short whimsical tale about books. I created this comic way back in 2010, but it’s now just seeing print for the first time. (I also had some work in the first edition of this anthology as well.)

Watusi’s Doghouse Funhouse

I have a one page comic in Dale Martin’s new comic anthology Watusi’s Doghouse Funhouse. A description from Dale’s online store:

It’s 48 pages of all-ages fun, as Watusi the Talking Dog is joined by Doggie & Jilly, Thunderdawg!, Dapper and others. Featuring comics by Drew Boynton, Tom Cherry, Bill Hook, Matt Levin, Dale Martin, Ivan Martin, Mark Morehouse, Mike Sullivan, and JB Winter. With puzzles and a “complete your own comic” section inspired by Milt Gross. Hand-assembled with full-color cover.