2015 Inktober Challenge

oneI took part in the Inktober challenge this October, creating 31 inked illustrations in 31 days and posting them online. My Inktober 2015 theme: Paying tribute to Bill Finger Award winning comic creators & their characters. The award, which honors the memory of Batman co-creator Bill Finger, recognizes comic book writers who have not received their rightful reward and/or recognition. For the project I created 23 character illustrations and a comic illustrating part of a letter written by Bill Finger.

Here’s the 23 character illustrations I worked on during the weekdays:

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NEW BOOK — Miss Mizzou: A Life Beyond Comics

A narrative nonfiction book by J.B. Winter:
“Miss Mizzou: A Life Beyond Comics”

About the book: After a brief 24 hour visit to the small college town of Columbia, Missouri, the cartoonist Milton Caniff was inspired to create an iconic blonde wearing a trench coat: Miss Mizzou! Her adventures in the Steve Canyon comic strip turned Columbia on its ear, inspiring various promotional tie-ins during the 1950s and 1960s. Some of these promotions were celebrated with fervor, while others created controversy that resulted in national headlines. Now you can read about the forgotten history of this character and see the exciting life she lived beyond the comic page.

January 2019 update: The book is now out of print. You can try to buy old copies on Amazon or borrow a copy through a library.