Miss Mizzou Book — Year One

Miss Mizzou is the cover story in the fall 2015 issue of MIZZOU Magazine.

A lot of interesting things have happened with my book Miss Mizzou: A Life Beyond Comicsthis last year. There has been a lot of press for the book, I’ve made a few appearances, and there was also a Miss Mizzou exhibit up locally as well. In September 2015 I wrapped up a full year of blogging about the character, and you can check out the blog highlights here. The response to the book has been really positive–thanks to everyone for their support!

Reviews & comments

Some reviews & comments about the 50 States Jam comic have been posted:

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Contributor comments:
Jack Turnbull, Isaac Cates, Kirk Creel, Jeff Plotkin, T. Motley, Nick Perkins, Colin Tedford, Mark McMurray, Raven Perez.

Vox Magazine.

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