True/False documentary film fest 2010

This year I was again a volunteer for the True/False film fest that took place last weekend. I was on the screening committee, so I watched a bunch of documentaries in the last few months and wrote summaries of them. I saw a lot of good stuff throughout the process, but one of my favorites was the experimental short “Loop Loop”, which made it into the “Someone to Watch Over” program at the fest. Check out the full video of Loop Loop online.

True/False film fest 2009

Director Darius Marder talks about his film Loot at the Macklanburg Theatre.

This year I was a volunteer for the local True/False film fest, which just took place last weekend. I was on the screening committee, so a few months ago I watched a bunch of documentary movies and gave them a critical eye. I spent a fair amount of time brushing up my writing skills by writing summaries of all the films I watched. Most of the films I screened didn’t make it into the fest, so I ended up watching way too many films during the fest last weekend.

My favorite film that I saw at the fest was Loot. It was a great movie to watch with an audience; funny, poignant, and unpredictable. To top it off, the Q & A afterward with the director was just as interesting as the movie.