Whooping Crane

This week’s illustration for the Animal Alphabets art challenge was a Whooping Crane. I started this drawing with a similar approach to the crane I drew last year, drawing the bird with simple shapes and a minimal background. I really liked that early version to be honest, but since I’ve been doing realistic backgrounds for this series I thought it best to keep within that style and draw what you see here.


An illustration of a Vaquita for this week’s Animal Alphabets art challenge. One of the most challenging aspects of drawing this animal is that there are very few reference photos available, probably due to the low number of animals out in the wild. Most of the animals we’ve been doing so far have had an abundance of photos, so I really enjoyed the challenge of researching and trying to get the details right with this one.

Ulysses Butterfly

Here is an illustration of a Ulysses Butterfly for this week’s Animal Alphabets art challenge. For some reason I had a hard time deciding on a good place to put my copyright notice in this one. I tried all kinds of places but ended up putting it just above the branch–kind of an obvious place I suppose. It’s always a bit of a battle between making it somewhat noticeable and somewhat hidden.

2017 Solar Eclipse

This is a GIF that I created to celebrate the 2017 solar eclipse happening today. I live in Columbia, Missouri, which is a place of complete totality for the eclipse! It’s an exciting time and the town is buzzing with excitement and tourists. Hope that the weather holds out today so that we can see it.